Alps Electric Co., Ltd.In January, we announced an enhanced partnership with Alps Electric, making them a sales channel partner and enabling them to market and sell Qualtré’s industrial-grade gyroscopes worldwide. Alps has built a great demo that highlights the vibration immunity of our industrial-grade gyroscopes – and we’ve now got a video so that everyone can see it.

In the demo below, you’ll see a joystick-like device, in which they’ve integrated two gyroscopes: one from Qualtre and one from a well-known gyroscope vendor. Two 3D drone models (displayed on a tablet) move in concert with the movement of each gyroscope in the joystick. The left drone (in blue) moves based on the output of Qualtre’s gyroscope – and the right drone (in yellow) moves based on the output of the competitor gyro.

As you’ll observe, both gyroscopes operate normally until a vibration is applied (button pushed). Check out the video to see just how well each gyroscope fares under vibration. How would your application perform with real-world vibrations and shocks? Can you really afford an ordinary gyroscope?