Key Qualtré Benefits

  • Ease of integration into multi-axis implementations and with other sensor types via HARPSS process to drive the cost reduction targeted by Tier 1 customers, while maintaining sensor robustness
  • Immunity to vibration (linear acceleration rejection) needed to maintain sensor signal integrity for critical safety systems
  • Industrial-grade Bias Instability under harsh conditions for navigation and telematics applications

The adoption of electronic stability control (ESC) systems continues to advance as the benefits of these systems in protecting us in life threatening driving situations becomes increasingly known to the public. As a broader range of vehicles incorporate ESC, the developers of ESC systems need to develop more advanced versions – more advanced functions or cost-reduced implementations – to provide options to the automotive industry. Qualtré’s BAW gyros are ideally designed to meet the cost-reduction required while maintaining the robustness and reliability needed for these safety critical applications.


If you are interested in learning more about how to leverage the benefits of our BAW technology – robust, vibration-immune operation at a lower cost than current automotive sensor technologies – to meet the emerging demands of the automotive market, please contact us.