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Qualtré is pleased to be named again to EE Times’s Silicon 60

Qualtré has been named again to the EE Times Silicon 60 list of 2015 Startups to Watch.

October 27th, 2015|

EETimes names Qualtré to its 15-in-15: Analog, MEMS and sensor startups to watch in 2015

January 2, 2015.  Here are fifteen startups that are eager to change the world of electronics and that we think are worth keeping an eye on in 2015 if you are interested in analog, MEMS and sensors. To read more please visit EETimes Europe.

January 2nd, 2015|

How sensor maker ​Qualtré could help both Parkinson’s patients and farmers

December 23, 2014.  Boston Business Journal.  Qualtré Inc., a Marlborough-based maker of motion sensors, said last week that it raised $9 million in funding from two strategic partners, including Tokyo-based Alps Electric, along with current investors, Matrix Partners and Pilot House Ventures. Read more.

December 23rd, 2014|

Alps Electric puts cash into Qualtre

December 18, 2014.  Alps Electric Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan), a maker of electronics components and infotainment systems, has participated in a $9 million funding round for MEMS gyroscope vendor Qualtre Inc. (Marlborough, Mass.) along with established investors Matrix Partners and Pilot House Ventures.  Read more.

December 18th, 2014|

What’s next for MEMS?

December 16, 2014 on Solid State Technology, Paula Doe, an analyst with SEMI, posted a blog entry, "What's next for MEMS?"  Qualtré is mentioned in the section, "Opportunity for smaller, lower power, lower cost technologies."  Click here to read more.

December 16th, 2014|

Qualtré highlighted in “McKinsey on Semiconductors”

Autumn 2014.  This fall, McKinsey & Company published their fourth “McKinsey on Semiconductors” journal, which includes a very interesting collection of management and business articles on the semiconductor industry.  “How big data and connected consumer products could boost the market for MEMS technology” reviews the MEMS opportunities and business implications presented by the Internet of Things.  Qualtré’s partnership with Alps Electric is featured (p35) as a model for how MEMS and other semiconductor companies may best work together.

December 11th, 2014|

EE Times: “Gyroscope Accuracy Beats MEMS”

November 28, 2014.  The most accurate gyroscope in the world, Qualtre Inc. (Marlborough, Mass.) claims, is its newest bulk-acoustic wave (BAW) single-axis gyroscope. Originally licensed from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech, Atlanta) the BAW uses a totally different approach than the traditional "tuning fork" type of architecture used by all other MEMS gyroscopes. Read more at EE Times

November 30th, 2014|

Qualtré named to Sand Hill’s Internet of Things (IoT) 50 Needle Movers

November 4, 2014.  Qualtré is honored to be named to Sand Hill's list: IoT 50 Needle Movers.  This list "focuses only on early-stage companies expected to play a very critical role in building the base of IoT in the future."

November 4th, 2014|

EE Times names Qualtre as part of its “Silicon 60: Hot Startups to Watch” list

July 16, 2014.  It has been more than 18 months since EE Times last produced a version of the Silicon 60. The global economic, entrepreneurial, and electronics business climates have all improved in that time, and EE Times has brought 38 recently formed companies on to version 15.1 of its list of 60 firms that we feel are worth keeping an eye on. To read more please visit EE Times Europe.

July 16th, 2014|

Qualtre CEO, CTO and Vice President to Present at Industry Meetings

May 19, 2104.  The MEMS Industrial Group (MIG) has invited Qualtre's VP of Operations,  Mr. Craig Core, to be a panelist at their upcoming Member to Member (M2M) meeting.   Mr. Core will be sharing his experiences with the group as part of the  "MEMS and Innovation from a MEMS Supply Chain Perspective” panel discussion. He will be presenting on May 21, 2014 on the University of California - Berkeley, 106 Stanley Hall. For more information visit the MIG website at: The [...]

May 19th, 2014|