Key Qualtré Benefits

  • Industrial-grade 3-axis sensor to meet the cost and size reduction requirements of next generation system designs
  • Immunity to vibration (linear acceleration rejection) needed to maintain sensor signal integrity for critical systems
  • Industrial-grade Bias Instability under harsh conditions

The current generation of industrial gyro sensors generally meets the performance and environmental reindustrial-comparisonquirements of the industrial market, but these sensors are typically single axis devices which are very expensive.  Qualtré’s QGYR330H is a revolutionary 3-axis industrial-grade gyro which displays stable operation in vibration and shock intensive applications – two fundamental characteristics of many industrial applications – while delivering outstanding noise density and bias stability performance. Since the QGYR330H is a 3-axis device, it enables designers to reduce the size and weight of their inertial measurement systems. Most importantly, the QGYR330H provides significant system-level cost reduction, so you can expand the market for your current products and develop products with advanced inertial measurement capabilities for greenfield applications. It is ideally suited for applications such as antennae/platform stabilization, unmanned vehicles, precision robotics, and avionics AHRS.



  • Inertial Navigation
    • Oil & gas drilling, precision agriculture
  • Platform Stabilization
    • Antenna, camera
  • Other Industrial Applications
    • Shipment visibility, asset tracking, precision robotics
    • Unmanned vehicles