Qualtré: Ushering in a New Era of Robust 3-Axis Gyros for Next Generation Industrial, Consumer, Mobile and Automotive Applications


There is no question that we are in a period of fundamental change in the way that we interface with our computers and machines. The pace of innovation in the development of sensors which are more affordable, smaller, and consume less power is incredible, led by advances in Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) technology. From low cost sensors in our mobile phones which monitor our movements, to more advanced sensors used in automotive electronic stability control systems which keep us safe on the road, to highly robust sensors in a wide range of industrial applications, sensors permeate our lives. And while there are many different sensor technologies to choose from, each with its own merits for any given application, there has not been a technology with the capabilities to meet the diversity of demands that each of these markets presents. Until now.


Qualtré is developing a range of sensors and sensor intellectual property – beginning with its available industrial-grade 3-axis and 1-axis gyros – based on unique, patented Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) technology which is so versatile that it can address the requirements of next generation designs of industrial, automotive, mobile handset and tablet systems. Our BAW technology exhibits best-in-class performance under robust conditions, at price points which enable designers to develop more sophisticated applications. Qualtre is employing a hybrid business model, in which we are developing strategic partnerships to bring industry-leading, next generation combination sensors to the mobile handset and automotive markets, while delivering Qualtre-branded products to the industrial and high-performance consumer markets.

To learn more about the benefits that Qualtre’s BAW technology brings to each of the market segments we are targeting, as well as the business model we are employing for each, please refer to the individual market/application page below: