Key Qualtré Benefits

  • Industrial-grade Bias Instability to enable 1m Indoor location/navigation accuracy needed for Location-Aware Services
  • Wide Dynamic Range for gaming and user interface applications
  • Ease of integration via HARPSS process to drive optimal price/performance for multi-DOF combination sensors
  • Low noise threshold for still and HD video image stabilization (OIS)

Many smartphones today incorporate a multitude of sensors, including low-cost gyros and increasingly combination sensors which combine a gyro with an accelerometer. The applications which take advantage of the sensors in the current generation of smartphones are still rather unsophisticated. However, as the smartphone market expands it is separating into multiple tiers, with increasing demands on the sensors from the mid- to high-end tier product.

Many industry experts believe that one of the key emerging applications that will drive the need for better performing sensors is the monetization of indoor positioning/navigation/location – which will rely heavily on the use of inertial sensors (specifically gyroscopes and accelerometers)  in combination with other technologies like Wi-Fi triangulation and Bluetooth Low Energy.  This will enable consumers to find a store within a mall, search for specific products within a store, and receive promotions for products at the point of decision (within the retail aisle space) for which they have set preferences. It is predicted that Google, Ebay, Groupon, Foursquare and Facebook will all be major players in this next generation of location aware applications. However, one of the critical challenges in delivering this capability to the market is achieving the level of location accuracy (1m radius) that consumer, retailers and other parties require.

A higher performance gyro is one of the critical pieces to bringing better location accuracy to the next generation of mobile handsets. Qualtré’s BAW gyros will meet the location accuracy of this application, and it will do so under robust conditions so consumers can enjoy a better user experience.

If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities to develop a highly differentiated combination sensor to meet the emerging demands of this market, please contact us.