High Performance 1-axis gyroscope

The QGYR™ family of MEMS gyroscopes features the Silicon implementation of Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) inertial sensor technology, and follow-up on the successful QGYR330H product offering. Qualtré’s patented technology manufactured in the HARPSS™ process allows unprecedented robustness, performance, and size advantages over existing tuning-fork gyroscopes with comparable performance.

Qualtré’s BAW gyroscope detects capacitance changes arising from a rotation induced Coriolis transfer of energy between two high-frequency (1-5MHz) BAW modes of a circular resonator. This increased stiffness results in BAW gyroscopes being immune to stiction both in manufacturing and during operation in the field, thus removing a major yield and reliability problem found in existing translation-based vibrating tuning-fork architectures. Operating at such elevated frequency allows for high-Q mode-matched operation which enables superior rotation sensitivity without the need for large drive displacement amplitudes, high-vacuum levels and force-feedback architecture.

The QGYR110Hx family features a ±300°/sec full-scale range for sensing precision movements in industrial or navigation applications. The QGYR110 is packaged in a LGA32 surface mount package, with a footprint of only 7 mm x 7 mm. The package is fully compliant with RoHS and “Green” standards.


  • Platform Stabilization
    • Antenna, marine or land
    • Cameras/gimbals
  • Industrial Applications
    • Precision robotics
    • Oil and gas drilling
    • Precision agriculture
    • Machinery motion control
  • Inertial Navigation


  • Unprecedented vibration and shock rejection
  • Full-scale range (for user applications):
    • ±300°/s full-scale range
  • Outstanding linearity – 0.08%
  • Low noise density – 0.008 °/s/√Hz
  • Low bias drift –14˚/hr
  • Option for fully-differential analog or
    digital (I2C/SPI) output communication protocol
  • On-chip temperature sensor
  • Small RoHS and Green-compliant package
  • 7mm x 7mm x 2.9mm LGA32